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Custom Tuning Available – Works with any Battery

We will work with you to tune your controller to your needs. Upgraded batteries, changing throttles or sprockets, and further customization available. We can increase bottom or top end power based on your riding environment and specific needs. Contact us at to learn more.


The BAC8000 is a compact high-performance Electric Motor Controller / Inverter. These units are optimized for the latest in Lithium Ion Battery Technology and utilize the latest in Field-Oriented Vector Control (FOC). ASI Controllers feature auto-tuning and are capable of delivering up to 120% of a motor’s rated maximum locked rotor torque without the need for complicated position sensors. The BAC8000 is suitable for demanding Electric Vehicle Applications.

Why Accelerated Systems Inc. Controllers

Our head office is just a short drive from Accelerated Systems™ Inc’s headquarters, so we collaborated closely with their exceptionally skilled engineering team to deliver the best possible software on their BAC8000 controller.


  • One mode fits all – smooth and usable power
  • Unlock 30% more power and more range from the stock bike
  • An end user app to easily switch your battery and other settings (being released January 2021)
  • Works with the Sur Ron Lightbee X and the Segway X260
  • Improved throttle off regenerative breaking

Included in the Kit

  • BAC8000 Controller
  • Plug and Play wiring harness made by Teznic
  • Metal Mounting Brackets made by Teznic
  • Motor Wire Extensions
  • Upgraded half grip electronic throttle

One Mode Fits All

We optimized our controller to have a smooth throttle through acceleration and to get the most top end speed you can out of the battery your using. You won’t need an eco and sport mode – you now have one mode that delivers all usable power, when you need it, resulting in a great riding experience.

4000 vs 8000

Through extensive testing and collaborating directly with ASI, it is clear that the BAC8000 outperforms the BAC4000. The components are designed to deal with higher amperage, and can therefor dissipate heat and operate at lower amperage very efficiently. This is noticeable in the low end, top end, and most of all for regenerative breaking.

That said, the BAC4000 is also a great product that can handle the stock battery or stock battery with a BMS bypass and upgraded breaker.

Custom Builds

We are also offering custom builds for anyone with their own battery, motor, throttle, etc. Contact us to get a quote.


The installation process is very simple and takes under an hour – you can see the installation manual here. We can install controllers or can be available to Facetime and help with an installation.

Shipping and Duties

Products ship in 8-10 weeks due to supply chain interruptions. Customs and duties are the customers responsibility. Cancelled or refunded orders are subject to a $200 restocking fee.


For support, always contact Teznic representatives(, not the manufacturer

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